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29 January 2008 @ 03:07 pm
Brief: In the wake of personal upheaval, unit is engaging in detailed technical analysis to determine the best course of recreation and rehabilitation.

This is your brain on MMOs.Collapse )
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29 December 2007 @ 09:58 pm
Warpath clears his stuff out of quarters.Collapse )

I don't like pronouncements. Yet I owe an apology to a lot of people on base for my conduct in recent weeks. I've been having personal troubles, but I don't offer that as an excuse, just an explanation. In particular, Scavenger, Vortex, Scattershot, maybe Bonecrusher, Sarah Lennox: I'm sorry. If I can make it up to you, tell me how, and I will.

To the few who care, Trailbreaker and I have separated. That's all I have to say on the subject.
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20 December 2007 @ 01:10 pm
'Breaker, we need to talk about somethin', soon as you get back. Real personal. Hope you're well.

Hey, Claus.Collapse )
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12 December 2007 @ 11:51 pm
Drinkin' in the commons, meetin' new people, and not gettin' into a fight? Go figure. Looks like there's a first time for everything.

Vortex, Collapse )Bombshock, Collapse )Scattershot, Collapse )Blurr, Collapse )and Prowl.Collapse )
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30 November 2007 @ 06:50 am
Brief: Unit's operational morale has dramatically improved, and unit is currently retrofitting his new shared domicile.

Warpath is a crack shot when he's aiming for Trail-booty.Collapse )
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22 November 2007 @ 04:06 pm
Crudely encrypted, to Trailbreaker.Collapse )
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13 November 2007 @ 11:45 pm
I've served my punishment and I understand my offense. If any mech still has somethin' to say to me about it, feel free, but don't expect me to treat insults like they mean something.

To Elita OneCollapse )

To BonecrusherCollapse )

To TrailbreakerCollapse )
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09 November 2007 @ 06:06 pm
Brief: Unit has procured mostly adequate living arrangements without depleting Autobot resources, and is now working to gain tactical control of the domicile.

I've got the extreme prejudice part down, just not the termination.Collapse )
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Okay, so I'm tryin' to think back to everything tonight that wasn't too hazy, but that's a real short list. When your Energon metabolization core is bent in half, the liquor doesn't play nice. The main thing I remember before it gets real fuzzy is Bonecrusher acting like a puffed-up attack poodle and tryin' to provoke me. Well, this Autobot won't be played for a sucker!

Played like a complete and utter doofus, sure, but no suckers here.Collapse )
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05 November 2007 @ 05:51 am
Brief: Unit has arrived at the locus of Autobot-Decepticon activity, and is currently struggling to gain entry.

I bet Prime never has to put up with this.Collapse )
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